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This week is Eating Disorders Week. Visit for more information pertaining to this. They say...

"Disordered eating is an issue that tends to manifests itself in children and young adults. A full 95 percent of the Americans who have eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25, and the majority of those people report that their unhealthy relationship with food began before they turned 20. Perhaps partly because of the unrealistic body images that are persistently marketed toward kids, this issue is getting worse. According to a recent study, hospitalizations for eating disorders in children under 12 years old increased by a staggering 119 percent between 1999 and 2006. Eighty percent of U.S. girls say they’ve been on a diet." 

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This morning, I posted this on my FB page..."The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they make the best of everything they have got."  

There are many people in this world, that experience challenges, but still choose to remain happy. The truth is that every single one of us has our own personal mountain to climb. When we focus only our problems, we become miserable, angry, resentful and unhappy.  

Happiness can be defined as your own mental ability to rise above everything that doesn't serve you.  Doing this, empowers you to let go and be in the moment. To enjoy the smaller things and to stop focusing on what you may not be able to control.

How about defining your meaning of happiness. Write down a list of everything you have to be grateful for and just focus on these everytime your thoughts shift to your obstacles, stress, problems.  

Once you refined your meaning, you will be aware of what you need to do to choose to be happy, remain happy and make others happy.

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What is love? Is it red roses and chocolates? Romantic Dinners and teddy bears?  

Love means different things to different people. Today explore within yourself the true meaning of love. Ask yourself:  "What does love feel like?" "What does love look like?" "What do words of love actually mean?" "What is the best way to show love?" "Who should I love?" 

In amongst our busy lives, we sometimes forget that love is an energy that should be shared freely. It isn ot just limited to your family and friends, but it should radiate outwards and touch the lives of every person that you meet. 

When confronted with somebody who is angry, rude, nasty and arrogant, send them is these people who may need love the most. Take your positive energies and send your love in small ways, by touching people's lives unconditionally everyday in every way. 

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Knowledge is just knowledge if it isn't put into practice. We go to school to learn so that we can either go out there to get a good job, or attend university.  

The problem is...Children are subliminally programmed that if they do not achieve well academically, they will not be a success in life. What a shame that those 'stragglers', 'poor achievers', 'labelled' and 'out of the box thinkers' are not given a fair chance.

Why do we have to prove ourselves to a world that is determined by public perception. Push push need to be a lawyer, doctor, accountant, business owner. Second place is teacher, nurse and police force. Last place employee, rat race, 8 - 5pm. 

Surely knowledge should be given to children to equip them to measure and use their own strengths.  They should have knowledge to deal with life in a positive way. What about knowledge of how to interact with people. The list can go on and on.  

The point is that Theory Guides and Practice Decides...Success in life is about the quality of your knowledge and how you put it to practice.  Happy knowledge sharing!

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Babies are born innocent. In the beginning, they are completely reliant on their mommy for nourishment, nurturing and comfort.  They form a bond that is unique to mother and child.  Very little can impact on them negatively if mommy protects baby from external influences.

Then baby starts engaging in milestones by making eye contact, smiling, giggling, moving arms and legs, eating solids, crawling, walking, talking.  Angelic and innocent everybody around baby looks on in admiration, using googling and gaagling in baby talk, holding and playing with them. 

What happens then when toddlers become children and children become tweens and tweens become teens?  With the extra mileage, interest sometimes wanes and less time is spent nurturing milestones and development.  

Falling into a routine of day to day activities, discipline becomes highest priority. Keeping kids in line and teaching them the rules of engagement for life! Toddlers, Kids, Tweens & teens are also angels within and they thrive on unconditional love and acceptance....just like when they were babies!

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Are you one of those people who have to have your morning coffee 'fix' to kick start your day? Caffeine is a sneaky, addictave agent of change. 

"Let's have some coffee." is one of the most common phrases when inviting somebody out for a social chat, networking, a meeting or a catch up. It seems to bring people together and provide entertainment with little sips inbetween talking.

Now the reality of the matter is that caffeine is addictive and it is scary to see how many young people, especially teenagers look to that boost of mental power. What they don't know is just how bad it is for them!

Now what most people don't know, or they do know and choose not to remember, is that water is an amazing lubricant for the brain. A natural way to hydrate the mind and detox the body. It is a no brainer that this is a great substitute for that evil villian coffee, and that it is a pathway to better health.

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Is it just me, but aren't you tired of people complaining about Monday's? The age old gripe that most people have is that the weekend goes too fast. Then you have some poor souls who become depressed on a Sunday evening because they have to go to work the next day. 

Why does the poor innocent day called "Monday" have such a bad rap?  I mean, it is after all a very special day of the week because it signals new opportunities and new experiences but most of all a chance to make new memories. These things are not only limited to a weekend!  

So let's turn that Manic Monday Mania into Marvellous Monday Memories. It is all about how you view the world. Your perception can make you happy or not. Turning a perceived negative into a positive takes practice but hey it is so so worth it.

Why not turn a Monday on its head. Make it marvellous and make it memorable. This is your chance to break the shackles of being swept into the Manic Mania of a Monday. Take control and be in the moment every second of the day.

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Today is International Internet Awareness Day. Yup here I am waiting for my seminar to start, writing my blog on my IPad, at the same posting on Facebook and checking Whatsapp on my phone.... 

Am I addicted to technology? I don't think so. I think I am addicted to the thought of being in touch and communicating with people but most of having all the information I need right at my fingertips.  I spend a pretty big chunk of my day online. 

I'm guilty! Very guilty! In fact very, very, very guilty. I am not alone in this...millions of people are online right now! Well you are right now!

So let's look at this... In the context of our children.  How often do they use the Internet?  It seems their noses are in their phones all day long. They can't even go to the bathroom without their phones (okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little!). 

Today is the day you can start being aware. I can't promise anything right now, but I will certainly try my Internet detox and let you know how it goes. You will hear from me in my Facebook Page...double whoops...and talking on my phone...whoops whoops whoops...and yes, you got it...writing my blog again, in the hope that ou will read it...

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Success..yes, have heard it a million times before...people tend to say the old cliched things.

"What is your definition of success?" or "Have you seen how successful so and so is?" "That person must be so successful, look at their job, car and house." "He will never be a success." "I wish I could be successful like so and so."

Why is it that success in our modern world always seems to be attached to monetary exchange? Is it because of us living in a world full of temptations? Too much to buy and too little time to buy it in...Is measuring our worth according to money the new plague of our times?

The definition of success is looking inward, finding what it is you love to do, taking the step to do it and earning not only money, but other 'riches' along the way. Think of it this way...if you are financially abundant, you can do so much more for other people.  Being rich is okay, but it certainly isn't an indicator of success.

Go out there and be a success in your own right. Embrace life and all of it's opportunities and start giving back. Help others earn success. It is not whose head you stood on along the way that counts, but who you picked up on your journey!

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We were all told the same stories as children.  if you are good, Father Christmas will bring you presents...When you wake up in the morning, you will find all the eggs the Easter Bunny has left you...Put your tooth under your pillow and the tooth fairy will fetch it and bring you money...The new baby was dropped off by the stork...

These stories signal the innocence of childhood where children believe anything and everything they are told. They listen with intent and internalize the messages, making the stories their own. They actually believe these stories to be true until one day, they become older and start questioning the notion. Is that the day that the innocence of childhood is lost?

Let's flip this notion on it's side. What if we told young children new stories, about believing in themselves, about making good choices, about always trying, about reaching for their dreams. Would they believe these just as much as they believe in Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny? Hypothetically speaking, yes they would believe the stories, the only difference would be that their innocence would stay intact. 

Childhood innocence signals potential and the opportunity to mould young minds positively. This is essential in building emotional intelligence which is the driving force behind behavoiur in later life. 

So Father + Bunny + Fairy + Stork = Innocence + Opportunity = Emotional Intelligence.


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My question today is..."What is reality"? When you really think about it, we all experience our own reality. It is made up of our past history, our experiences, our memories, our accomplishments, set backs.  So if reality is made up of our past, then we can also reason that it is also made up of our future dreams & goals.

I always cringe when parents tell their kids to be realistic. What's that all about anyway?  By telling our children to be realistic is telling them in 'Kids Speak'...hey, stop dreaming of your future and get on with the reality of studying, getting good grades and going to University. This may sound familiar to some of you who have shelved your dreams and taken the mainstream route because your parents told you to.

Are you as a parent, continuing this cycle? Are you telling your children to do well at school, so that they can get a good education, a good job, a good salary? All of this so that they can fall prey to our modern lifestyles of materialism consisting of big homes, fancy cars and starting a perfect family sitting behind that white picket fence. 

Realism is for those people who grasp onto concrete realities and forget the power of dreams that they can make come true.  We were all put on this earth to serve and to contribute to the greater good of mankind.  Shouldn't this be the reality we should be teaching our children...makes you think, doesnt it!

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Today is World Cancer Awareness Day. This has many different meanings to many different people. The common truth however is that Cancer has touched every single person in one way or another...whether it be a family member, friend or colleague. 

Cancer does not see race, religion, colour or creed. It is the silent stalker that arrives and doesn't want to leave. Awareness is key and this true story below shows just how quickly and quietly a child can become ill...Stay strong, stay aware but most of all stay healthy.

Hi Zelna
Thank you, I know my sister would really appreciate your prayers.  About a week before ***** 11th birthday which was on the 27th of ***** last year he started experiencing pain in his knees and ankles. It progressed to the point where he was crying at a night because of the pain and so on the Sunday, a few days after his birthday, my sister took him to the emergency unit at the ****** hospital. She was worried he had Rheumatic Fever. They tested him for both Rheumatic Fever and Tic Bite Fever and the next morning the doctor called her and her husband in to say that Will tests had come out showing very high results for Leukemia.  He said the should get to ******* ASAP to confirm the results, which the did, and on the Wednesday the doctors did a Lumbar Puncture which confirmed the Leukemia. Thursday morning they started the Chemo. 
Basically what happens is that the white blood cells in the bone marrow stop growing to maturity and so the bone marrow starts over producing immature white cells which put pressure on the bones and joints and they start to expand from all the white blood cells being produced. Hence the pain Will was experiencing. When the bone marrow overflows with white blood cells it pushes out 'blasts' into the blood stream which is not what you want. This type of Leukemia is known as Lymphoblastic Leukemia and the doctors say it's the better one to have. A small mercy but it's amazing how we have seen God's hand in so many things already thus far. 

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It's a Monday and after a weekend filled with activities, it can be a struggle to get kids ready and out of the door for school.  In some families (yes, this could be you!) there is a constant nag: "Have you brushed your teeth? Did you eat all of your breakfast? Did you pack your school bag? Are you dressed already? For goodness sake...." 

It’s easy to forget that kids are not "mini adults." Their brain is still developing and they don’t have all the puzzle pieces yet to process information in the way that we do. (Well, except maybe on a Monday!) 

So how can you get them moving and out of the door? Create a routine with measurable steps, moving from one step to the next in the same order each and every day. Sit with them and create a routine that works for all family members. 

As adults, we don't like being told what to do...and the same goes for kids. Let them play a part in creating their own independence. Empower your kids to begin measuring their own accomplishments and they will start doing things not because you tell them to, but because they want to. 

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We need to start a Verbal Revolution! Yes, we need to start talking again. I don't mean the go to a party kind of talking with loud music blaring in the background or the quiet whispers behind closed doors OR chatting on WhatsApp or Facebook!

I mean real, good old fashioned chin wags! Sitting around a dining room table with the family, chatting about the day...switching off the TV and ditching those mobile technology, no interruptions, just 100% authentic talking time!

Let's ditch the blank stares and Living past each other....Come on, you know what to do...Talking + Listening = Let's start a Verbal Revolution.

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I love the innocence of children, but at times that innocence hides itself when it's worst enemy emerges. I'm talking about insolence, tempers, tantrums, crying, begging, being cheeky, not listening, anger, frustration.

Yes, when it rears it's ugly head, that little bundle of innocence can instantly push your blood pressure up. So what do you do in that situation?  All the parenting experts seem to know exactly what you should do, but in practice ummmmm it doesn't always work. Circumstances differ, and moods differ. What happens behind closed doors is easier to control than in the public domain. If you are having had a good day, then inevitably, your patience levels are higher than when you feel like the world is weighing you down.

I have always said that bad behaviour is a sign of an unmet need. Being naughty however is a whole new ball game!  Bad behaviour happens in specific circumstances, for instance when your child is tired, hungry, sick, frustrated or vulnerable. Being naughty happens when a child doesn't know their boundaries or doesn't respect their boundaries. 

Behaviour is just the icing on the cake, it's what you see when you look at your child. Underneath the icing, is the cake. This is the essence of your child. The question I ask you is...
...Did you bake your cake with a good recipe and the best ingredients and did you take care and pay attention to the beautiful icing which is the part that everybody sees first! 

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