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All the events on February 8:

Tuesday 07 February 2012 at 0000 - 8wk Etra Mural Programme
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When: Tuesday 07 February 2012 at 0000 Ends: Wednesday 27 March 2013 at 0000
Location: The Midrand Life Studio for Kids
8wk Etra Mural Programme
Wednesday 08 February 2012 at 1430 - Zeal for Life 8-week Extra Mural Programme (Grade 6 - Grade 8)
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When: Wednesday 08 February 2012 at 1430 Ends: Wednesday 08 February 2012 at 1530
Location: Durban North
The emphasis is on seeing children once a week for 60 minutes over a period of 8 weeks from 14h30-15h30.

Children will participate in structured activities designed in accordance with the topic for the week. The participants are encouraged to interact with each other in a positive way, thus motivating each other and co-operating as a team.

This fun, relaxing and informal extra-mural programme which includes collaborated play, role-play and relaxation has children feeling motivated and inspired to feel good about themselves by participating in interactive activities. The children tend to leave being far more goal-orientated and filled with energy for life because play is after all the best way to get back to basics and learn in a stress-free environment.

What makes this programme unique is that parents are also requested to participate with their children by doing home-based activities which will be sent home on a weekly basis. This ensures that all family members are committed to the programme and are aware of expectations. Extensive groundwork is done in this foundation programme on educating children about the physiology of the brain as this creates an understanding of their own thinking patterns (EQ) and how these influence their actions or lack of appropriate actions (SST).

Zeal for Life® 8-week Extra-Mural Programme Outline:
Week 1 Defining Emotional Intelligence
Week 2 Awareness + Expression of Feelings
Week 3 Healthy Living
Week 4 Communication Techniques
Week 5 Conflict Resolution Strategies
Week 6 Learning Empathy for Others
Week 7 Making Healthy Choices
Week 8 Being a Success in an Interactive World

Investment Fee:
Our Zeal for Life® 8-week Extra-Mural Programme’s investment fee is R880.00 per school term + R400.00 for Zeal Kit & registration and is inclusive of:
Zeal for Life® assessment and feedback
regular parent feedback
Communication with teacher/other professionals where necessary
Workshop materials
Parent manual
Zeal Kit Bag filled with activity sheets, sticker charts and various motivational tools.

Start Date: 8 February 2012
Age Group: Major Zeals (Grade 3 to Grade 5)
Venue: Durban North
Time: 14h30 – 15h30

Registration Closes: 1 February 2012

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