Disadvantages of Paid Traffic Sources

As an internet marketer, you know that traffic is one of the most important parts of running a successful business—but if the traffic isn’t targeted, it won’t do much good. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the drawbacks of common paid traffic sources, and you’ll learn how the best traffic sources like the Supreme Traffic Bot can help you bring reliable, targeted traffic to your website.


Untargeted Traffic

Business owners can make many mistakes, but spending money on random, untargeted traffic is one of the biggest. When you purchase traffic instead of using a paid traffic source like Adwords or Facebook ads, you’ll get fewer targeted visitors—and an untargeted visitor is less likely to make a purchase. When you purchase traffic en masse, your site’s bounce rate will go up, and you’ll notice that people will spend less time on your site.

Lack of Sales

If you’re selling products or services on your website and you’re relying on untrusted sources such as paid traffic programs, you won’t make many sales from that traffic. Those people get PAID to visit your website and they’re doing tedious work for little reward—do you really think you’ll even get one sale? IM pros have come to rely on traffic generation methods such as Google Adwords, Tribal Fusion, and Article Builder to drive targeted traffic to their sites. Read my Article Builder review to learn more.


A Decline in New Subscriptions

If you run an informational blog or website, or you’re looking to drive traffic to a landing page as a list-building measure, you’ll soon find that paying for untargeted traffic won’t get you many subscribers. It’s far more important to provide relevant, readable and useful content to your site’s visitors, so they’ll leave you their contact information—and come back regularly to see what else you’re offering.

High Cost, Low ROI

On some paid traffic models such as PPC, optimization is key. Start by making your ads visible to the right demographics, and target your landing page to one-time visitors. If you don’t optimize your site properly, your conversion rates will go down and so will the value for the money you spend. It’s far easier to bring traffic to your site with tools like the one described in my FCS Networker Review. With this great tool, you’ll find it easy to create multiple accounts, post to them, spin readable articles and build quality backlinks to your site.


AdSense Dislikes PPC Traffic

Old webmasters used to build sites based on high cost-per-click keywords, and they’d buy traffic from sites or through pay-per-click ads. This practice quickly became an issue for ad networks such as AdSense, and Google reacted by banning it. In most cases, when you purchase traffic for an AdSense-ready blog, you run the risk of getting your account blacklisted.